Real Veterans and Their Stories



"My thanks to the American Overwatch organization; a group of dedicated veteran volunteers who go above and beyond the call of duty!"


Myself, Alexandria and Christopher would like to thank AOMA 1B Veterans and Prior Service Members in going out and beyond their way in helping us out with our vehicle brake problems.  It was perfect timing before we got hit with the storm this week,  We are so greatful and appreciated for the AOMA 1B crew that went out of their way on their family time and free time to assist us not knowing who they are.  AOMA  1B is a true backbone in leading the way in taking care of veterans in emergency crisis, the safety for our families and each other.  To all veterans and prior service members who is having a real rough time in life because we all been there and still going through it, contact AOMA 1B.  There the real deal. Thanks Again AOMA 1B. 


The Garcia Family 

Andria, Alexandria And 


From Tim:


I just want to take a moment to thank the people of the America's OverWatch unit 1B for everything that they did for my two boys and myself this Christmas, they literally saved our Christmas! There's some issues with my pay from the VA (there's always something with those guys) but it put us in a really bad spot and then a couple of additional challenges on top of that just made the perfect storm for a nightmare and right before the holiday season started.  I'm a single father, combat veteran with an 8 year old and a 12 year old and I didn't know what to do so I called out a 9-line over social media and wasn't sure if I would hear anything back then a gentleman named Curt got on the radio and it was just like being down range again and I knew somebody was on the way to help. We have a saying in the military we can only trust our people to our left and right especially down range and it's true even today, even when we're out we're a family for life and who better then veteran's taking care of veterans and I am just completely humbled and appreciative for all that they've done, especially Curt! Curt was very nice and kept contact with me and called me several times checking on the boys and what they wanted and just knowing that somebody is out there thinking of us was enough to make my anxiety and stuff settle down I have a TBI and PTSD really bad along with a back injury so I have night terrors and stuff and panic attacks and anxiety just brings all that stuff back really bad so I was very grateful to get in contact with Curt. When he came over and I met him he was a really nice guy its nice to know there's people out there that really care, seems like when we get back home from our deployment we're forgotten about. And if Curt hadn't done enough already he had one surprise for his that we were just completely beside ourselves about. He surprised us with a  very special gift for my son that i know he's going to treasure for his entire life, Thank you Curt! So from the bottom of your hearts much love to you guys if you ever need anything and I can do something I'll be able to pay it forward. God Bless everybody, Have a Great and wonderful New Year's and I hope that your families and your careers are full of blessing this New Year! Take Care and God Bless! With Much love, Nicholas, Matthew and Timothy May